There is always room for improvement…

Functionality, design, weight and stiffness!? At the beginning of any product development process, there are plenty of parameters to keep in mind. Our aim is to offer appropriately engineered components, with superior overall performance.

Apart from that, all Intend products are made under fair and sustainable conditions. Fair prices for customers and fair wages for everyone involved. A good and reliable relationship with all suppliers, as well as with all customers, is the base of a successful business.  

Who is Intend?

Intend BC is rapidly growing and not a one-man show anymore. My name is Cornelius Kapfinger, born in 1986 in Regensburg / Germany. I studied at the Technical University in Vienna / Austria and graduated successfully in industrial engineering. My number one passion is mountain bikes. My job and what I love most is the development of outstanding bicycle components. Supported by a small number of staff, I am developing and manufacturing the components I want to ride on my bike.

What is Intend?

Years ago, I started to build my own fork from scratch. Countless valves, rods and stanchions later, I decided to go all in and founded Intend Bicycle Components.

The main goal is to focus on the essentials and to be able to deliver high-quality engineering, precision, and good service. This is what I try to do – every hour, every day. There is no fancy office and no huge production line. It’s a small place that includes everything necessary.

This is what Intend Bicycle Components is striving for!

Team Rider & Friends

Tanja Naber
Tanja races 3/4 of the Enduro World Series and is a candidate for great pictures featured in magazines, instagram
Anton Wünscher
Anton is member of the Ibisfidlock Racing teams, together with Adrian he has a ticket for a podium on all national races.
Adrian Vesenbeckh
Adrian is teamleader of the Ibisfidlock Racing team. They race the Trail Trophy, Alpine Enduro Series, EWS and is always a guarantee for a podium for masters-category. This guy is... damn fast for his age.
Jakob Breitwieser
Jakob is the brand ambassador of the first hour. Testing products, traveling and biking all around
Claire Fiebig
Claire is ... Claire is an important part of Intend. Her operative task is to manage the Intend Instagram page. She answers Insta-mails, manages Stories and Posts, and takes care about the comments. She helps me out if there are upcoming questions for products, product names or also things like feedback for pictures or product designs