What is Intend?

Intend is me, Cornelius. Born in 1986 in Regensburg / Germany. Studied in vienna at Technical University, graduated in industrial engineering. My passion are mountainbikes. My job and what I love the most is to develop unique bicycle parts.

Some day I started to make a own fork, from the bottom: valves, rods, stanchions. Some years later I decided to focus totally on this passion.


This is what I do now with Intend Bicycle Components.



Intend is very small, very very small. All parts were assembled on this table, that's all. There is no big factory.


The goal is to concentrate on the essential things and to be able to have the focus on high quality engineering, precise products, and good service. This is what I try to do - every hour, every day. There is no big production line, it's a small working place. More you don't need.

Intend also means small number of pieces, that's why all of that stuff is made with CNC, in Germany, from great partners, who like to do that exclusive stuff. Their names are Marc, Patrick and Berti.


I do not hesitate to make complex production processes. If I can safe 3 grams on a small part and if it costs 2-3 Euro more - I do it like this!


After the machining the parts have to get anodized. There is a small company (Mr. Schubert ;) ) which is doing a great anodizing quality. It is durable and really deep in color.


And before it gets delivered, it has to be laser etched, assembled and packed.

And then it looks like this

Team Rider