VAT reduction:


The german government decided to reduce VAT from 19% to 16%.

From 1st of July 2020 for all Intend products ABOVE 100€ the reduced prices are calculated in the shop.

This is NOT valid for items BELOW 100€ and not if you buy two products with 79 + 22 € = 101€.


The new prices are already shown in this shop.

Online Shop


Note: some shipping costs to Switzerland or worldwide are much less like shown in this shop!

Please don't hesitate and write an email!


There is a request to all costumers: Please do not order things you won't take !


In the last weeks there have been more and more orders and 2 weeks later "I cancel my order, please send back my money".


Yes, I have to do this and I will do that - of course. I will send back the money, but I deeply request: Please do not order things and send money, where you are not sure that you want to take it".

The reason why I am asking for this, that I have to do twice the paperwork for making a bill, note the arrival of the payment, and then send money back and make again cancel of the order. This is unfortunately twice the time of a normal order, without earning any money. For every one things can change during the order time - I have the deepest understanding. But please try to order only, if you are really sure that you want to take your order !