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Note: some shipping costs to Switzerland or worldwide are much less like shown in this shop!

Please don't hesitate and write an email!


There is a request to all costumers: Please do not order things you won't take !


In the last weeks there have been more and more orders and 2 weeks later "I cancel my order, please send back my money".


Yes, I have to do this and I will do that - of course. I will send back the money, but I deeply request: Please do not order things and send money, where you are not sure that you want to take it".

The reason why I am asking for this, that I have to do twice the paperwork for making a bill, note the arrival of the payment, and then send money back and make again cancel of the order. This is unfortunately twice the time of a normal order, without earning any money. For every one things can change during the order time - I have the deepest understanding. But please try to order only, if you are really sure that you want to take your order !



Special Color Hard-Anodized

Special series of hard-anodized parts.


Colors can differ from part to part. There is no "perfect" match of the colors, this is just in case if you expect perfekt color suiting. Unfortunately this is not possible


Only available what is listed here. If it's out - it's out.


Stiffmaster: In this case you buy the Stiffmaster for 79 Euro without a Spacer. I have the shown amount of Spacers in hard anodized (2x20, 3x13, 3x7, 2x1,5mm). Please choose one spacer you need in addition. Please do not order all 4 spacers in all heights, this would mean that I do not have any more spacers for the rest of the customers. For the spacers is: first come first serve !





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