Intend "Manufactory Racing" Shirt


This shirt has 3/4 arms and is complete made out of 100% recycled materials. 40% recycled polyester and 60% recycled cotton.


You can use it as normal shirt or also as a jersey.


The Manufactory Racing Series are with a handmade logo done by teamrider Tanja Naber.



Small: 46cm width / 70cm height (back side)

Medium: 49cm width / 73cm height(back side)

Large: 52cm width / 75cm height (back side)


Large shirts are grey/darkgrey and Medium and Small shirts are grey/darkblue


NOTE: Due to the handmade logo it can be that there are small mistakes of the logos and also some "mistakes" anywhere at the shirt (e.g. when we touched the shirt on a wrong place by accident with the brush)



34,00 €

  • possible to preorder via Email