Are you interested to learn more about the technical background?

Which size do I need?


Take a shirt of yours which fits well to you.


Meassure the distances like shown in the picture.


Compare it to my sizes and take the one which is close

The new dresscode


Intend's shirt for biking, as normal shirt or for being at home


  • 3/4 arms
  • available in M / L / XL
  • made 40% cotton / 60% recycled Polyester

Price: 29 Euro (incl. VAT)


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Sizes, PLEASE meassure before !


Medium: 49cm width / 73cm height(back side)


Large: 52cm width / 75cm height (back side)


X-Large: 55cm width / 78cm height (back side)



Large shirts are grey/darkgrey and Medium and Small shirts are grey/darkblue


Please know: I want to avoid shipping, sending back, sending new one. Please take a shirt of yours and meassure the distances of length and width. Take a look in the picture above how I meassured it. compare it to a shirt of yours which fits good, and THEN order the correct size. It is not neccessary to send it, send it back, send a new one.