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Frequently asked ?

Thickness of the discs affect the lever stroke or clearance of the pads to the disc?


Question to you: does wear of your brake pads affect your lever stroke or does new brake pads affect the clearance to the disc? no ? ;) So why should a thicker disc affect it?

There is no affect to lever stroke nor to the pad clearance! 


Please look:

Does 2,25mm fit in my Shimano/Avid/Magura brake?



All calipers have 11mm width, if not overfilled with oil.

New brake pads have ~4,2mm thickness maximum

11mm-2x4,2mm = 2,6mm


this is bigger than 2,25mm!


Why not floating?


Floating means: more weight, noisy connection, more side play in the disc. there is no technical benefit of it, also temperature measurements showed, that the Aero rotors keep cooler than aluminum-spidered discs.


Why so expensive ?


Are they ? Compared to an Asien-made disc they are. Compared to fancy floating discs they aren't. There are lots of floating discs sold at a retail price 60-80 Euro retail. Everyone accepts this price "because it is floating". Some floating inner-vented discs are even more expensive at about 115 Euros. So for the  performance provided and German-made rotors, the price is acceptable - so I think!

Which size and thickness should I choose:


 - You have 6" PM frame, but you want to ride hard, but you want to save as much weight as possible, without having to have a fragile rotor in the back: choose the 160mm/2,25mm version and you can use it without any adapter. This disc weighs the same like a 180mm competitor-rotor and has even more surface.


- you have a 7" fork like the Fox 36, and you hate adapters to adapt to a 203mm disc. please choose the 180mm/2,25mm version, this has even more mass then a normal 203mm rotor, and also bigger surface.


- your rear brake gets hot as hell, because you brake more in the back than in the front: you can choose the 180mm/2,25mm version in the back and the 180mm/1,85mm version in the front.


INTEND AERO ROTOS ARE OUT - I will not produce them again. thanks a lot for your interest !



Probably the best disc rotors money can buy. 


How is that possible? The smallest company makes the best discs? The reason is a low profit-orientated manufacturing, which is based completely in Germany, manufactured by BrakeSTUFF /


BrakeSTUFF exists since 2007 and the speciality of the company is their own manufacturing of disc rotors from lasercuting, hardening and grinding - made in Sachsen/Germany. Over the years of making disc rotors they optimized the material, hardening and surface treatment - who could be a better partner for this product?


Note: this rotors are not cheap. If you think they are too expensive, please do not buy!


The Aero rotors have about 698 holes (203mm) with a diameter of 1,9mm. You can't manufacture this with big series tools. You have to lasercut it and this takes a long time. That is also the reason why these rotors are that expensive. But it is worth it.


The main goal of disc rotors is deceleration and a low temperature in long descents. This can be achieved with a) big brake pad contact area, b) big overall surface and c) high mass in the outer ring. 


Click on the left "Click me" button to learn more about the influence of these three factors.


For your personal requirements the disc rotors are offered in 2 different thicknesses:


2,25mm    -    hardcore

1,85mm    -    normal


with the exactly same design. So there is a hardcore version and a normal version of the rotor and you can mix it up how you need it. YES, the 2,25mm disc fits with ALL CALIPERS if not overfilled.


But disc rotors also have to make less wear of your pads, a smooth braking modulation, nice design as well as low weight. You can make a check after each point.

  • Sizes: 203mm, 180mm, 160mm
  • available in 6-hole design only. Centerlock with adapters possible
  • each size is availale in 2 thicknesses: 2,25mm and 1,85mm with the same design


  • @2,25: 197g
  • @1,85: 162g

Price: 104 Euro / piece (not 2 pcs)



  • @2,25: 163g
  • @1,85: 134g

Price: 99 Euro / piece (not 2 pcs)



  • @2,25: 133g
  • @1,85: 109g

Price : 94 Euro / piece ( not 2 pcs)


(exact weights can differ a little bit)


There are NO bolts included !!!


NOTE: These discs does NOT make less sound than other disc rotors. I do not claim that. If you want to have a guarantee for 100% noiseless discs, please take something else and hope for the best. If you choose the Intend Aero disc, please accept that some noises can occur - depending on pad material, beding-in process, air moisture (Luftfeuchtigkeit) or several other reasons.