The stiffest fix for all forks


The Intend by Lemon Shox Stiffler makes your Rock Shox or Fox or all other forks stiffer and eliminates all noises which come from the steerer/crown press-seat.


This steerertube is made in Germany - no, that's not true. It is made in Austria... but... however, the surface is shotpeen-treated for the best connection to the crown by using a special press-seat glue.


And further more we use a small part called "Stiffcap". This eliminates any movement of the steerer tube at the bottom of the crown without to much increase of weight. It aso keeps the inner side of the tube clean from dirt.




  • 210g instead of around 160g
  • steererlength ist around 215-220mm (in total it is 240mm minus the height of your crown with 20-25mm)
  • diameter: only tapered 1,5" to 1 1/8"
  • 23,9mm inner diameter - ideal for using the Smarty. But all normal starnuts work also perfect and also the One Up Tool fits !

Your benefits:

  1. ~7% more fore/aft stiffness - does not sound much, but it increases from around 230Nm/° to 246Nm/° which every sensitive rider will feel clearly
  2. eliminates all cracking noises - we guarantee it for half a year*, current experiences show a long term noise-free connection
  3. longer steerer tube if you cut yours too short
  4. NO DIRT from the bottom. Nice clean and dry.


* why is the warranty for noise freedom only half a year? To give unlimited warranty for a commercial item it can be really hard to survive if you guarantee too much and have to repair and pay till the end of your life. Especially as a small company. My experience with this glued steerer tubes shows that there is a noise freedom for now almost 2 years. But we can't meassure all existing fork types and batches from Rock Shox, Fox, Suntour .. from 2015, '16, '17, '18, and so on and make long term tests for every individual item and guarantee everything for any time - thats why half a year warranty - a longer warranty would maybe kill us.. We use our experience from the models we treated with this procedure and this shows a long term elimination of the noises.


This product is only available at Lemon Shox. Please contact them if you want to change your steerer! For technical questions please contact me:




159 Euro if you send in only the crown/steerer/stanchion-unit.

159 + normal service prices from lemon shox if you send in the complete fork


Please do not send in forks to me, Cornelius Kapfinger - only to Lemon Shox in Nurenberg and please make a date before!


The steerer tube is NOT available as individual item!