Edge 27,5/29

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Frequently asked?


Do you offer stanchion guards?




Are you crazy?


No, my experience with that not covered lowers is: no problems at all. If you take "normal" care about your fork, there will not be more scratches on the lowers than on the uppers of a normal fork (there are no guards either and nobody gives a shit). If you are scared, there is a way: don't buy it ;)


Can I test the fork anywhere ?


No, unfortunately I'm to small too give the possibility to every customer to test a fork. I have 2 test forks which are always on the bikes of magazines like Cycleholix, Bike, Mountainbike, Pinkbike and so on. They should do the job of testing the fork and give you a neutral opinion if the fork works or not. Find out more at Press reports. In my opinion you can trust these magazines. They do not have a reason to give positive feedback to a bad fork.


Do you offer other colors?


Yes. Black and blue are the standard colors which I prefer to sell. If you really want to have a special anodizing, I can do this for 250 euro additional due to additional costs for small quantity anodizing and the handling effort. The color can't be matched to some certain parts. I can't guarantee the resulting color for other colors, that's why I try to avoid doing special colors

Note: Laseretching is done BEFORE Anodizing in case of special color. I have the laseretched raw tubes in stock and will anodize it in your color afterwards. That is why the laseretching will not be "white", but it will be a little bit dark, See the picture of the red fork in the pics.


Is special laser etching possible?


Unfortunatey this is not possible, the risk of any failure of the lasering is too high, the last step of the whole process can destroy all manufacturing. The overall handling effort is too high. 






Lets start together in a New Age !


New Age - this describes a complete update of a whole bunch of details on the Intend Edge fork. Cable guide ? New. Bushings ? New. Axles ? New.


In the last 2 years I worked on a lot of details to improve the technique of the fork and get closer to perfection.


And this comes together in what I call "New Age". Find out all details what New Age means:

New Age (scroll down)



This fork is made in Germany to 98%, in small numbers. Assembled piece by piece in Freiburg - all by hand.


The following is for both versions, 27,5" and 29":

  • 7 or 8" brake adapter included, possible for boost or nonboost
  • 243 mm steerer length
  • 180mm maximum stroke, reduction in 10mm steps. 
  • 110x20 or 15mm axle. Same dropouts for both, 15mm reduction with 20to15 adapters
  • 20mm boost or nonboost (adjustable with different adapters)
  • 15mm boost, 15mm nonboost possible with 5mm spacers (not included)
  • 27,5" or 29" version available
  • adjustable rebound and compression damping
  • adjustable air spring and progression
  • new Royal Flush Coating for extreme sensitivity 
  • SKF Bushings D35 without collar (ohne Bund)
  • 2 Sag rings as main sag indicator and current sag indicator.



(Both (20 and 15) have the same dropouts. You can change this up to 20mm also after purchase by removing the 20to15 adapter and a 20mm axle (sold seperatly). Please be informed, that the stiffness of the system is higher with the 20mm axle. I do not have figures to show hoch much stiffer the 20mm axle is. I recommend 20mm version for anybody, but 15mm of course also works.


Note: All dropouts will be black, independent of the blue, black or raw color.


Information about the history of the development steps you can find here:


27,5" Version:

  • 2085g
  • ATC: 180mm (571,5mm), 170mm (561,5mm), 160mm (551,5mm), 150mm (541,5mm), 140mm (531,5mm), 130mm (521,5mm), 120mm (511,5mm), 110mm (501,5mm), 100mm (491,5mm), 90mm (481,5mm), 80mm (471,5mm)…
  • 44mm offset (not changable after purchase)
  • max tire: 720mm diameter, 80mm width (see picture below, travel reduction with same axle to crown height for bigger tires is not possible) - tire clearance is already included.

Price: 1899 Euro (incl VAT) 


29" Version:

  • 2130g
  • ATC: 180mm (591,5mm), 170mm (581,5mm), 160mm (571,5mm), 150mm (561,5mm), 140mm (551,5mm), 130mm (541,5mm), 120mm (531,5mm), 110mm (521,5mm), 100mm (511,5mm), 90mm (501,5mm), 80mm (491,5mm)…
  • 44mm offset possible (not changable after purchase)
  • max tire: 760mm diameter, 80mm width (see picture below, travel reduction with same axle to crown heigth for bigger tires is not possible) - tire clearance is already included.

Price: 1949 Euro (incl VAT) 


Ready to order here in my online shop, all forks in stock, leadtime for assembly is about 1-2 weeks: Online Shop (is valid beginning with 16.2.2020 at 12 am)