Grace FR

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Frequently asked ?


Do I have to use your topcap ?



You can use every topcap you want. Also the topcaps from competitor will work perfectly!


I have a handle bar with 30mm rise, does this maybe fit, although you mention 20-25mm maximum rise?


I can't guarantee this. You can try it out, but I can't take the stem back, if it does not fit. If you are afraid, better search for another stem.


I have a XY handlebar from company YZ, does it fit to the Grace FR ?


To be honest I didn't test it with every handlebar which is existing on the market. So I can not answer on this question unfortunately.



Light, durable and with a unique design. 


The Intend Grace FR stem is indestructible, precise and the best technical solution to combine 2 cylindric tubes to each other. 4 titanium bolts in black, rounded edges to avoid any stress at the handlebar clamp.


Downhill-ready with the lowest weight of a stem in this size. There are lighter ones, yes - but they are longer....


This stem is being delivered with a "Wastesuckerl" and a wooden spoon for assembly.




Features of the Grace FR

  • 82g (31,8mm), 85g (35mm)incl titan bolts
  • 35mm length
  • 31,8mm/35mm handlebar diameter
  • colors: black, blue and raw
  • @31,8mm: stack height 35,5mm, minimum steerer insert 32mm
  • @35mm: stack height 37mm, minimum steerer insert 33,5mm
  • EFBE "E-Gravity" tested
  • rounded handlebar edges - ideal for carbon bars
  • really nice looking
  • max Rise 20-25mm
  • 5Nm Bolt-torque


Price: 149 Euro (incl. VAT)


NOTE: For handlebars with a wide big outer diameter e.g. the renthal carbon handlebar or the hope carbon handlebar the assembly does only work with scratches even for rise of less than 20mm!!!


Please follow the assembly instructions in the manual to avoid scratches !


You have an Intend Grace EN stem and want to let us know which handlebar fits to this stem? Just note brand, modell, diameter and rise of your handlebar!

Please do not start questions or discussions here -> simply use email! Thanks


"I have a Bike-Ahead THEriser handlebar with 31,8mm diameter and 15mm rise - fits perfect!"

"I have a Race Face Atlas Carbon handlebar with 31,8mm diameter and 20mm rise - fits perfect!"

Kommentare: 36
  • #36

    Victor (Dienstag, 02 Juni 2020 12:49)

    The Grace FR (35mm length) works with the OneUp 35mm riser bar. It is very tight and it will be very hard to avoid scratches. I got some light scratches but not enough to bother me.

  • #35

    Henrik (Montag, 25 Mai 2020 11:58)

    Selbst die Montage eines Beast-Components Lenker Klemmmaß 35 mm,
    Rise 35 mm, Backsweep 8°, Upsweep 5°, ist mit Tesafilm und viel Geduld
    ohne Kratzer möglich. TOP Vorbau!

  • #34

    Sake (Freitag, 22 Mai 2020 22:59)

    Works perfect with 20mm rise Burgtec RideWide Carbon Enduro bars!

  • #33

    krabica (Mittwoch, 20 Mai 2020 18:30)

    "I have a Tune Wunderbar handlebar with 35mm diameter and 25mm rise - fits perfect!"

  • #32

    Daniel (Samstag, 16 Mai 2020 19:42)

    Grace FR 35 & ENVE M7 40mm (high riser) -> Easy Fit!

  • #31

    Tobias (Dienstag, 14 April 2020 19:50)

    Grace FR 35mm works perfectly with OneUp Carbon Handlebar 35mm with 20mm rise!

  • #30

    Tom (Freitag, 27 März 2020 08:46)

    Grace FR 31.8 does't work with SQLab 3OX 45mm Riser Carbon

  • #29

    Alex (Dienstag, 24 März 2020 17:13)

    Grace FR 31.8mm, doesn't work with Syntace Vector Carbon High35 31.8 35 mm, but works perfect with Newmen Advanced 318.40 31.8 40 mm Riser Carbon.

  • #28

    Carlo (Donnerstag, 27 Februar 2020 13:29)

    Tested the oneup 20mm rise bar with the 77designz stem and was not successful. The oval section of the bar is the bottleneck...

  • #27

    Carlo (Dienstag, 04 Februar 2020 21:44)

    same question here:
    Sean (Donnerstag, 09 Januar 2020 07:33)

    will this work with 20mm rise oneup component bars? they have an oval section. her is a link:

  • #26

    Sean (Donnerstag, 09 Januar 2020 07:33)

    will this work with 20mm rise oneup component bars? they have an oval section. her is a link:

  • #25

    Fabian (Dienstag, 10 September 2019 22:11)

    Grace en 35 + beast-components 35 mm rise = sick !! ;)

  • #24

    Andrew N (Mittwoch, 28 August 2019 21:20)

    Works perfectly with Deity Skywire 35mm Carbon bars, 25mm rise. No scratches

  • #23

    Nico (Samstag, 27 Juli 2019 06:52)

    Grace EN 31.8mm, Beast-Components Lenker mit 35mm Rise geht ohne Probleme.

  • #22

    Lorenzo (Donnerstag, 25 Juli 2019 19:16)

    I have a renthal carbon handlebar diameter 35 and 25 rise is compatible with this GRACE EN stem

  • #21

    Stefan (Samstag, 29 Juni 2019 22:10)

    Syntace Vector Carbon Superlight High20 Montage total easy ohne Kratzer. Perfekt! Absolut geniale schlichte Optik. Ich bin wirklich begeistert.

  • #20

    AL (Dienstag, 19 März 2019 13:51)

    Beast MTB Riser 15 passt. Ohne Montageprobleme, ohne Kratzer.
    Schöne schlichte Kombi

  • #19

    Claire (Montag, 18 Februar 2019 10:14)

    Acros Gothic Bar fits perfekt --> 15mm rise :)

  • #18

    Chris (Donnerstag, 17 Januar 2019 15:26)

    Renthal Fatbar Carbon Lite mit 30 mm Rise passt problemlos und ohne Kratzer.

  • #17

    MJ (Mittwoch, 16 Januar 2019 08:28)

    I have a Santa Cruz Riser Carbon handlebar with 35mm diameter and 20mm rise - fits perfect!

  • #16

    AB (Dienstag, 25 Dezember 2018 15:43)

    Chromag BZA Carbon 35x800mm, 15mm rise - fits.

  • #15

    Ollie (Freitag, 07 Dezember 2018 18:07)

    ENVE DH 23mm rise, fits perfect, looks perfect, rides perfect, nothing better!

  • #14

    Flowrider Racing (Dienstag, 06 November 2018 22:02)

    I have a Schmolke Carbon MTB Lowriser DH handlebar with 31,8 mm diameter and 15mm rise - fits perfect!

  • #13

    Damien (Donnerstag, 04 Oktober 2018 11:33)

    Mit Syntace Vector Carbon mit 10mm rise: passt perfekt, und ohne Kratzer!
    Ausserdem sieht der Vorbau spitze! :-)

  • #12

    Olaf (Samstag, 29 September 2018 07:26)

    Hi Cornelius,
    Kann ich den GRACE EN mit 5 NM Anzugmoment wohl auch an einer Gabel mit Carbonschaft montieren? Bike: Canyon Roadlite AL SL 8.0.

    Grüße aus dem Rheinland

  • #11

    Silvio (Sonntag, 09 September 2018 16:30)

    Grace EN 31,8 with renthal fatbar light carbon740mm 30mm rise. fits..

  • #10

    Christoph (Dienstag, 28 August 2018 21:45)

    ENVE RSR, only fits with deep scratches. Stem looks great but I would not try this again.

  • #9

    Nico (Donnerstag, 23 August 2018 14:32)

    Hope Carbon Lenker geht nur mit Kratzern. :(

  • #8

    Jonas (Montag, 02 Juli 2018 22:25)

    KORE Riser OCD - 31,8 diameter and 35 rise - fits perfect!

  • #7

    Claire (Donnerstag, 24 Mai 2018 18:15)

    Renthal Fatbar Carbon 20mm doesn't fit without bad scratches....

  • #6

    Jan (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 07:01)

    Chromag FuBars OSX 31,8mm dia, 25mm rise: just fits, a little snug when feeding the handlbar into the clamping

  • #5

    Claire (Freitag, 16 Februar 2018 14:02)

    "I have a Answer ProTaper SL with 31,8mm diameter and 10mm rise - fits perfect!

  • #4

    David (Freitag, 16 Februar 2018 11:10)

    Really happy with the stem - i guess i dont have to tell you this... ;)
    The RCC 790 Seismic 25mm Rise Ø31,8mm fits perfect

  • #3

    Cornelius (Montag, 29 Januar 2018 08:40)

    The reason is the 2-bolt handlebar clamp, you cannot open this wide enough for handlebars with more than 20-25mm rise. Please find the manual in "user manuals" on the top of the page. There are pics for the mounting process.

  • #2

    Greg (Sonntag, 28 Januar 2018 20:24)

    Can you explain why there is a max rise 20-25 mm in the bars? Does the extra bar rise stress the stem more? Or is there an issue with clamping diameter? I have 40-mm rise (Easton Haven 35 Carbon) bars...they are pretty cylindrical in the stem area. I was wondering about the fit.

  • #1

    Mario (Donnerstag, 11 Januar 2018 08:25)

    I have a Race Face Next R Carbon handlebar with 35mm diameter and 20mm rise - fits perfect!