Grace XC

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Long and stiff - the ultimate lightweight stem.


Superlightweight? The weight of the Grace XC stem is low, very low. But it is not the lightest one you can find. The ultimate goal is a stiff and "practical" stem for cross country and all mountain riders, which is lighter than 95% of the competitors. 4 titanium bolts in black, 2 less than normal designs. This gives the possibility to put the saved gram of the bolts to the structure where it is neccessary for strength and stiffness to fit not only to weight weenies bikes, but also to normal riders.


This stem is FEA-analized, to find the last gram, to make weak points stronger. This is proven: the Grace XC is DIN ISO plus tested.


The unique selling point of this stem is its high stiffness and excellent durability at a lower weight - and of course - 100% made in Germany!


There are lighter ones, yes - but they are too light - seriously!


This stem is offered only in one length and one angle like shown below!




Features of the Grace XC

  • 78g
  • Black M4 titanium bolts
  • 77mm length
  • -7° only (also usable in +7° but does not look nice)
  • 31,8mm handlebar diameter
  • Stack height 36mm, minimum steerer insert 33mm
  • Clamping width 56mm
  • FEM-analized and fatigue tested!
  • Really nice looking
  • Max. rise 15-20mm
  • Optimized for use with the Smarty-wedge
  • 3Nm bolt-torque


Price: 169 Euro (incl. VAT)


NOTE: The prototypes with the included ahead-cap-construction will not go in series-production. Instead of this there will be a normal ahead system like shown in the pictures below.