Several things which you need to know if you buy an Intend product.

The following things might sound a little bit strange to you, as normally no company is telling his problems and weak points before purchase. Normally you get to know this AFTER purchase. With Intend it is important for me to play with open cards and let you know what you need to know before.

Direct sales:

Intend BC is a direct sales company, if you are a dealer and want to sell Intend stuff, please take a look at the Intend Blackline.


I have new and used boxes. My aim is to reduce garbage as much as I can, to reuse things, boxes, plastic etc. Sometimes you get a new box, sometimes you get a used box. This is not to show my unprofessional skills, it is for 100% efficiency of usage.

Raw products:

Intend offered raw colors in the past. Raw means raw, NO surface treatment. This can have some patina over time, also in the beginning. Also the surface is not very hard, it can get slight wear only if you push it on a wooden table. If you buy a raw product, please know that it is easy to get slight scratches and patina. Please avoid to sweat on it and dry it after use it wet conditions !

New silver anodizing:

Since November 2020 I offer the silver-anodizing instead of raw. This means, better surface protection, no corrosion. But the appearance is not shiny like new raw products. I will update all fotos step by step. But as long the raw fotos are in the webshop, please know that if you buy a “silver anodizing” product(left), the difference to the raw-silver(right) is like this:

Perfection of products in general:

It is a problem, every company has: Parts with marks, small scratches and so on. I do my very best, to avoid all scratches and marks. Sometimes, it is not possible to avoid. On a suspension fork there are dozens of parts, which went through 3-5 companies until I can assemble it. Same with stems. It can be, that not every part I send is perfectly from top to bottom. If there are bigger marks, I sort it out, but there is a small risk of small(small!) marks.

Testrides and active sales:

At Intend it is unfortunately not possible to make test rides. Why? As one man company I have a little bit a lack of time, which would be necessary to make this happen. I see my task on developing bicycle stuff, assembly and good quality. The active sales like testrides are too much for me. It is totally ok if you choose NO Intend product if you cannot testride it. I do respect that and have no problem with seeing somebody on a Fox or RS fork. They are great and work wonderful. Also do my forks, but unfortunately you simply have to trust me 😉