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Disc Brake Rotor

The Intend Aero disc rotors are available in 180mm or 203mm outer diameter with a thickness of 2.25mm. 6-hole mounting standard is used to mount the rotor to your hub. 

These disc brake rotors are compatible with all brake calipers like SRAM, Shimano, Formula, Trickstuff, Hope etc. Delivery contents only rotors without bolts. Other mounting standards, outer diameters or thicknesses are not available or planned for the future.

Disclaimer 1: As you might already know, hydraulic disc brakes on mountain bikes tend to rub or produce different levels of noise depending on many factors. If you want to play it safe, we recommend using OEM rotors only. Our rotors are tested but can rub or make noises.

Disclaimer 2: A rotor is made out of a flat plate of steel, the bigger the rotor, the higher is the probability for a slight uneveness when mounted on the hub. It is impossible to achieve a 100% flat rotor after assembly. So it can be that it is necessary to flatten the rotor after installation.