The tech area - get in touch with the thoughts of development

DO You always think, why the hell did they do it like this ? so go ahead...

It's always the same: changes, new standards, technical solutions. All companies are making special solutions, but you never know why? 

For a big company it's not possible to share their knowledge with others. The risk to tell the competitors what to do, is to high.


For me as a very small company, this is possible, there is no competitor, and if some of my solutions find its way to mass-production, I would be proud of it.

For you as a costumer or interested reader this could be attractive. In this technical area I try to write down all advantages and reasons for my developments for every product.


Have fun while reading - take a closer look behind the tech specs!


Sometimes I write also updates for new, not yet existing products as for the upcoming Intend Rocksteady