On this page I want to give a small overview about the historic delevopment of all Intend Forks. I will sum up the models, the compatibility of axles, adapters and all you have to know.

Here you can see V0 Prototype (right) and the V1 Prototype.



The right one was a mix out of shortened White Brothers uppers, Manitou Dorado Dropouts, X Fusion steerer and so on. This fork didn't work quite well. But it worked and I made my first experiences with seals, bushings, tolerances and so on.


V1: The left one was the next step. Every part of the fork was designed on my own, also the complete damping structure as well as air spring parts. This Prototype is still possible to ride, but I have no bike for it.

- 40mm uppers

- 32mm lowers

- own damping cartridge

- 110x20 axle



V2 Forks, called SC166. This three shown forks are the very first sold forks in Intend's history.


The internals where handmade from a young guy in Berlin, the funny thing is, that in this time (around 2015) I had not the experience which I have now, but I didn't get any of the forks back. They still work and ride out there.


Originally there have been two customers and I planned the third fork for me. But then a third guy wrote "can you make one for me as well?" And I decided not to have a own fork and I sold all three.


- 42mm uppers

- 32mm lowers from Magura                                     


- Dorado brakemountstandard                                                    - Carbon guards (laminated by hand)

- Rock Shox rods

- Rock Shox busings                 


I was so extremely proud, this picture shows the very first parts which ever have been aimed to sell.                              


For V3 I updated all internals with the experiences I learned from V2, the outer chassis stayed the same, but I did some new internal updates and made a series of 11 pcs.


V2 and V3 had following tech:

-Manitou Dorado brakemountstandard

- 110x20mm only nonboost

- max 166mm Travel

- Rock Shox 32mm Bushings

- 42mm uppers 

- 32mm Magura lowers

- semi open bath system which I still use in the current version



This V4 model (Edge & Infinity ) was my step into series business. I started completely new, searched for own suppliers for every part, also for the lowers, rods, bushings.

From this version on I have compatibility for following parts: Brakemount, axle, rods, busings, seals, stanchions.


V4 has following tech:

- 35mm lowers bought from Bionicon

- 110x20 only nonboost

- brake mount 180 or 203mm

- max 176mm travel

- fork has 44mm uppers

- 27,5" and only 6 pcs in 29"


This version was sold from around Mid of 2016 to end of 2017


V4 is not able to change to boost standard. It is only compatible with 110x20 nonboost hubs. This is valid for the Edge and Infinity. You can find out easily with a tube-distance (140mm instead of 150mm of the boost versions below)



End of 2017 it was obvious that only boost will survive. I had to make a boost version which also fits to 110x15 axles. It is bad for USD forks, but all the customers didn't want to change her existing front hubs. So I made the Boost Edge with adapters for 110x15 axles.


- the existing brake adapters from V4 are now boost adapters (adapter sits 5mm futher on the outside)

- new are non-boost brake adapters to be compatible to old hubs

- the stanchions are golden now, but still compatible to V4 version

- 27,5" and 29" available both with 44 or 51mm offset (crown offset is different, dropouts are the same)

- new brake hose arm is possible to upgrade. (from 2019 every fork has this from beginning on)

- crown and dropouts have now 150mm distance instead of 140mm from V4. That's why it is not possible to change dropouts from V5 to V4.



You can easily find out if you have this version if the tube-distance is 150mm.

New Age

New Age means: 

 Complete update of all things which could be done better.


 • Less mass on the shaft, more mass in the crown (not retrofitable)

• SKF seals as wipers / oil seals (not retrofittable)

• New 20to15 axle adapters (not retrofittable)

• Heavy and light axles with knurled clamping surfaces (retrofittable) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0vBATUipWo

• Higher bushings (retrofittable)

• New royal flush coating (retrofittable) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7LkYRM510E

• CNC-made adjustment knobs (retrofittable)

• New cable routing (retrofittable)


Intend Flash.


The Flash is based on the structure of the Edge, but has the following additions:


1. The Crown is not drilled out. It is rock solid.

2. The left lower leg has thicker wall thickness (2,5 instead 1,5) for increased brake stiffness

3. Lower bushings are steel SKF busings

4. steerer tube has maximum wall thickness (6mm on bottom, 2,8mm on top) instead of 3mm and 1,9mm of a normal one.