The second life of packaging

All Intend products come in a packaging. Like every other product from any company.


But what happens with this packaging afterwards? Throw it away or store it with the endless number of other boxes, which you've never touched again ? Yes, most of the time....


This is different with Intend products.


Wherever it is possible, there is a intended use of every packaging. 


The Grace EN stem comes in a wooden box - please use it as a screwbox !




The small parts like Stiffmaster headset or Smarty wedge come in a small bag called "Wastesuckerl".


There is lots of garbage in the woods, from you, from your friends and from any other people you don't even know.


Put this bag in your backpack, take it as garbage bag.


You found someone's trash ?


Collect it!


The bag is made out of cotton - if it is dirty, just wash it with your clothes and it is fresh again!

It is not neccessary to protect the products with air bubble foil. I have to buy it, you have to throw it away.


There is a thing everybody needs, and you have to buy it anyway. It's a dish washing sponge. It's not renewable, but there is no plastic produced twice!


There are plenty of sponges in a fork-package - you will not buy sponges again in the next years ;)

This is how the forks are shipped.


Sponges, Sponges, Sponges...