Intend BC – the bicycle components manufactory from Freiburg, Germany

If you could make your dream of an ideal construction of a bicycle part true, wouldn’t that be amazing? Tailored to your wishes and needs, millet out of a full billet of raw aluminum, finished with a novel black anodizing, laserprinted with a small decent label (and not more!). Stems, reduced to the lowest amount of necessary bolts. Cranks, sturdy as a tree for maximum strength with some certain beneficial magic add ons. Forks with the best way how you can make a suspension fork, without lower guards to reduce the unsprung mass and keep the weight down. 

That is what you will find at Intend.

Intend BC is a growing company based in Freiburg / Germany. It was founded by Cornelius Kapfinger in 2017 after internships and first jobs in the bicycle industry. It began with the construction and manufacturing of rare USD forks, which got attention from all over the globe. With the years, the quantities have grown, more and more products were born and right now it is a company with a hand full of employees, assembling, testing, engineering and servicing our own products and components.

The main goal is to focus on the essentials of things and to be able to deliver high-quality engineering, precision, and good service. This is what we try to do – every hour, every day. There is no fancy office and no huge production line. It’s a small place that includes everything necessary. What you get is what we want to ride. Every fork is assembled with a lot of care and perfectionism. And we try to learn every day, making things always better then yesterday. Progression never stops!

This is what Intend Bicycle Components is striving for!

Straight out of Black Forest

In the spring of 2021 Intend BC moved from the flat of Cornelius to a real workshop, where production and logistics are handled from. Our shop is located in the center of Freiburg at the foot of the black forest, only a few pedal strokes away from some of Germany’s finest mountainbike trails.

Intend is still a small company without a big production line. Although the numbers are growing, every fork and shock is assembled from an experienced technician, made-to-order.

We are proud to source the vast majority of our parts from german vendors and manufacturers and are always aiming to work as evironmental friendly as possible. Packaging material is recycled and depending on what you order, you may recycle it too 😉


Susanne Moritz
Susanne, called "Sanne" is joining our team for taking care of invoices, bureacracy and part-assembly.
Previously (and suppose currently still) a Team Rider, Jannick has joined our full time team and is taking care of customer support, production & assembly and development & testing of products and tools. Welcome on board, Jannick!

You may hardly have had any contact with him, because he is not able to write emails or even talk. But he is always here to remind us of the doorbell or cheer us up with special tricks. Oki is André's dog.    

Lena is not an employee of Intend, but part of the team. She is responsible for taking care, that all ideas, which comes to Cornelius' mind have a first opponent. She likes to give Oki some sweets to make dog stunts. And she is always asking where we all should go for the next mountainbike trip.

Wednesday is Jonas' day. Coming by once a week, Jonas makes sure that everything in the shop is functioning as it should. If we need something special, no matter if it is a problem with our ERP system, or we need 100 air shafts assembled, Jonas is there. And he likes to go ride, but only on the weekend.

Cornelius has a real problem if the company goes down, because he is responsible that this does not happen. Taking care, that all parts are engineered, ordered and ready for assembling in the correct quality. But he is also answering emails, assembling parts and sometimes he even comes up with new ideas.

If you need somebody, who can do everything, you need André. Unfortunately for us he is on a well deserved half-year vacation at the moment and will hopefully re-join us in October 🙂

Maxi can do, what André and Cornelius can't. He is a studied media person. Filming, cutting, photographing, design. He is the next step at Intend. Bringing our ideas and fascination to you as hopefully future customer. At Intend he also learned how to assemble complete forks. So maybe your fork is also assembled by Maxi, with the same perfection as from all of us.

Team Rider & Friends

Jannick Schätzle

Famously known for having a spooky "confrontation" with a deer, Jannick likes to push the limit. Which makes him a perfect match for representing (and testing) our products. Check his youtube channel for more insane riding! Jannick has also joined our full time team and will use his mechanical engineering skills to help Intend develop and grow.
Tanja Naber

Tanja races 3/4 of the Enduro World Series and is a candidate for great pictures featured in magazines.
Jakob Breitwieser

Jakob is the brand ambassador of the first hour. Testing products, traveling and biking all around.
Dave Cerutti

Dave Cerutti, otherwise known as Rulezman, doesn't only support and distribute our products through his suspension center in Italy, but also rides them with passion.
Claire Fiebig

Claire is a good friend of Cornelius and she convinced him back in the day, that Intend needs an Instagram account. Luckily she was there at the right time.