We are introducing the latest iteration of the Grace FR / EN stem: Grace OS, thanks to an updated design to the bolt position on the bar clamp.

While this seems like a small change, it has quite an impact. When installing, there is about 20% more material which can be bent in order to slide the handlebar through the clamps. This makes for an easier installation and improved compatibility. The bolts are also less apparent, making your cockpit shine as clean as ever.

The Intend Grace stems utilize a 2 bolt design. In order to mount the handlebar you have to bend the stem. Important: At the moment only the Grace FR and EN model fall under the OS line-up. The other Grace stems remain unchanged.

Compatibility? OS?

Anything below 25mm rise generally works. The less rise, the more likely it fits. We’ve had customers mount 35mm riser bars too, even on the old stem. On the other side we’ve also had customers claiming they weren’t able to mount a relatively low 25mm riser bar. In order to shed some clarity on this and also have our community engage with each other we came up with Grace Open Source – Grace OS, an open source type user generated database project.

How does it work?

  • You post a picture or video of the bar you successfully mounted to the GRACE OS, stem and handlebar must be clearly visible! Follow the instrucitons below for hashtags and description of the post.
  • Send us your post
  • We verify your content and you will receive a voucher, saving you 10% on your next purchase, no matter the order value.
  • In return we and also the community are able to filter for content and can build a database of compatible / not compatible bars together.
  • If you are checking for compatibility, simply search for the hashtag #intendgraceos #intendgraceosBRANDNAME
  • Or just use the hashtag to browse through awesome Intend bikebuilds!

Legal disclaimer: Per handlebar model only one voucher will be handed out. If the bar has already been verified – you are not eligible for the voucher. Color variations do not count if same model has already been verified. You need to provide a proof of your purchase of the stem. You have no legal claim over a voucher. You may hand over the voucher to another party. If we notice that a voucher has been sold, we may void it. Installing the stem on a handlebar, no matter if it has been confirmed as compatible or not, is still your own risk, you have no warranty claim if you scratch your bar in the process.