Travelizer Air Spring

Instant Fork Travel Customization, No Tools Required!

Introducing the Travelizer – the result of meticulous tinkering and innovation. Crafted from precision aluminum parts, it offers durability, reliability and adjustability for your biking adventures.

With the ability to adjust your fork travel within a 30mm range, customization is at your fingertips. The travel adjustment mechanism is designed so you don’t have to take anything apart to adjust your travel. Simply turn the stanchion to adjust your travel in 1mm steps per turn, when the shock pump is attached. Choose from three available travel ranges (140-170mm, 150-180mm, or 160-190mm) to tailor your fork exactly to your liking.

The Travelizer is installed in all new forks starting from April 2024. If you have an older fork and want to upgrade, you’ve come to the right place.

Before you order it’s important that you check the compatibility instructions down below.