Brake Accessories


€7 – 45€ incl. VAT/ Ust

White Magic (pair for single caliper): Our best pads, strong, long lasting (2 pairs already in the delivery of the brake).

Blue Magic (pair for single caliper): Our second best pads, less strong for comfort riders.

Refrigerators (pair for single caliper): Cnc’d and hard anodized cooling fins to upgrade your Trinity brake caliper.

Avid/SRAM Matchmaker: Adapted Sram matchmakers to fit the Trinity brake.

Intend SRAM Interface: Our in-house, cnc-milled interfaces in black anodized finish.

Brake Mount Fit Kit: Pair of lightweight grade 5 titanium brake mount bolts including washers to adapt to different rotor sizes / tolerances.

Brake Hose: 85mm (front) and 200mm (rear). High pressure brake hose for the Trinity Brake System.

Plutoline oil: Hydraulic oil used to bleed the Trinity brake.

Set of brake rotor bolts: 6 black titanium bolts