Hover Refrigerator


€49 – €98 incl. VAT/ Ust.

  • Clean and elegant integration
  • Improves heat dissipation
  • Easy installation
  • Retrofit possible with older and new Hover model
  • Please check variation & compatibility info

Variations and compatibility info:

One Hover Refrigerator unit consists out of 2 pieces of cnc’d aluminum cooling fins. When attached to the shock body correctly it looks like a unified piece. Depending on the eye-to-eye measurement up to 2 pairs of Refrigerators can be paired with the shock body:

2 Pair: 250mm, 225mm Trunnion

1 Pair: 250mm, 230mm, 210mm,  225mm Trunnion, 205mm Trunnion, 185mm Trunnion

Not compatible: 190mm, 165mm Trunnion