€109 incl. VAT/ Ust

The Linearizer is an optional upgrade for your Intend USD fork. It will convert your traditional 2-chamber air spring system into a 3-chamber system.

For more information and instruction manual please visit the product page.

We have 2 versions, one for all Green Age airsprings before 9th of April 2024, and one for the new Travelizer air spring

  • Retrofit 3-chamber air spring upgrade
  • Compatible with all Hero/Edge/Flash/Infinity/Bandit (for more information keep reading)
  • NOT COMPATIBLE TO: Flash forks before 2022, some forks end of 2021. Please check the last picture for Go/Nogo
  • Customizable spring curve
  • Easy to install

Delivery contains:

  • Linearizer Piston
  • Linearizer Bottom Cap
  • Syringe with suspension fluid